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Near, far, wherever you areeee
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Hannibal 1.11: Rôti by Sam H.

I can never tell with this fandom if I’m going to get a real serious gif set or this shit

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C: How do you know Hannibal? 

W: One could argue intimately.

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Now both of them have BFs that are too sober for their #full homo
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The Hannigram cycle


the end of every season: Could this be the death of Hannigram? For how could our ship not be sunk after [insert terrible thing Hannibal did here]?

next season: Fannibals everywhere stare on in awe as Hannigram rises from the ashes, burning brighter and stronger than ever before, like a glorious phoenix made of gay


Glad to see they stopped being subtle…

Bonus gif: Snail sex (?)

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recap of Hannibal S03E02: Primavera

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hannibal just wants to have a threesome so bad

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Headcanon accepted [x]

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Hannibal S2 Finale - Alternative Ending

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New poster for 'Hannibal' Season 3 is deliciously sinister
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This is the best one. This s the one that makes me remember how great fannibals are.

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